About Me

Beth Laky PortraitHi, and welcome to the Bettina’s Treehouse website! Although “Bettina” is a pen name of sorts that I picked up while visiting Italy, I’m known as Beth to my friends and family. I love the smell of moist earth, a good hike in the mountains, watching waves crash on the Jersey shore, and visiting local farms for fresh cheese and produce. I adore my family, and have been taught what it is to be truly blessed.

My journey as an artist started young, with finger-painting on the kitchen table, construction paper projects and eventually watercolor lessons. (I even tried to eat a red crayon as a kid, believing it would enhance my talent. Mostly it just tasted bad. 😉 ) In high school I obsessed over comic books and their illustrations and began dabbling in graphic design, which would become my career for 10 years. But all that work in front of a computer screen left me missing the feel of chalk and glue on my hands, or a pencil and paintbrush between my fingertips. See, I love to work with my hands – whether it’s gardening, cooking, even cleaning …sometimes… But most of all, I love creating art. When I create art, I feel like it’s what I was made to do.


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