Libraries are Magical

Hand-stitched embroidery hoop entitled "Libraries are Magical"

Hand-stitched embroidery hoop entitled “Libraries are Magical”

One of the things I came to enjoy most after I got married, was living near the local library. In my old hometown, I had to drive a good half hour to get to the main library branch, but now where I live, the main branch is only 5 minutes away! This was very exciting to a book lover like myself. I remember sharing my joy over this fact and a friend exclaimed, “Libraries are magical!” And I thought, yes, yes they are. And so this “Libraries are Magical” embroidery hoop was born, celebrating all the wonder and adventure a library full of books holds to the willing explorer.

Detail of hand embroidery.

Detail of hand embroidery.

Recently I recreated this hand-stitched hoop as a custom order in my Etsy shop, and though it’s sold, I think I will make more of them since it’s such a fun gift for the book lover (or librarian). This awesome fabric I used, featuring a well-read feline surrounded by stacks of books, is appropriately called “Library Cat” and was created by Laura Wilson.

If you would be interested in a similar piece, or know someone who would, send me a private message on Facebook, tweet, or email!

Detail of hand-stitched lettering.

Detail of hand embroidery.


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