The Sketchbook Project


After 3 months of furious sketching and painting, I’ve packaged up my sketchbook and sent it to Brooklyn to join the Brooklyn Art Library as part of The Sketchbook Project, a crowd-sourced library that features over 30,000 artists’ sketchbooks contributed by creative people from around the world. For me, The Sketchbook Project was an exercise to help me create regularly. Having been away from drawing and painting for far too long, I wanted to challenge myself to fill the pages of my sketchbook in my 3-month window. My illustrations explore the spiritual pull of nature I believe most people feel, even if we don’t understand where it comes from and why it’s inside us. Though the paper wasn’t particularly conducive to watercolors, I chose this medium coupled with pigment ink, and experimented with patterns in nature and exploring texture through the use of varying shapes and lines. The thinner paper forced me to paint quickly and lightly, treating the watercolors more like gouache, and I became less concerned with “perfect” form and technique and began to paint more intuitively as time went on. I love the freedom this gave me, allowing me to break out of the box I tend to put myself in when I paint with watercolors.

If you’re in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area, check out the library! My sketchbook is number 246.14-2 and will also be available for viewing online in a month or two. For now, here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite spreads.

3poppies_spread 2coral_spread 1fern_spread


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