Artist Spotlight: Molly LeLoup Dougherty

This month’s artist spotlight introduces artist, sculptor and big fan of silliness: Molly LeLoup Dougherty. When I first came across Molly’s art, I loved how playful and clever it was – I mean who doesn’t want to attack a giant mustache full of candy? 🙂 Both fun and functional, Molly’s piñatas would be an awesome accent at a party, or simply some really unique decor! But piñatas aren’t all Molly creates – seems fun is the theme for all her art (which I love!) Check out the interview to hear more!

Handlebar Mustache Piñata

Handlebar Mustache Piñata by Molly LeLoup Dougherty

BT: Please introduce yourself and your medium.

Molly: Hi, I’m Molly LeLoup Dougherty.  I think of myself mostly as an installation artist and sculptor, but I do some design work and painting too.  Recently I’ve also been making piñatas and clothing mash-ups and household items – all of which can be found at my shop Yeahyoudid on Etsy.

BT: When did you first discover your creative talents?

Molly: That’s a flattering question 🙂  Really to me, my artistry was never something to be discovered, it’s just been there as long as I’ve been me.

BT: What themes do you pursue in your work?

Molly: I tend to make little bodies of work around a theme, and those may vary especially as I move through different media, but I think there are a few themes that invariably come up.  Whimsey and engaging the viewer, and a fascination with iconic everyday objects are some of those.  From sculpture to installation to clothing and piñatas, I find that there is always an element of silliness in my work, and that I’m seeking as direct a link to the viewer as I can- luring them into the work to touch it or buy it or feel that it’s personal to them somehow.  Making art to me is like starting a game of telephone, and I’m the rascal who wants to be sure not to enunciate too clearly so that the next person in line hears more what they want to hear than what I’m saying.

Upcycled Sweater

Bad-ass T-rex Pink Sweater by Molly LeLoup Dougherty

BT: What “fills your well” and inspires you to create?

Molly: Like… everything.  Creating is pretty fundamental to who I am, so pretty much all stimulation that goes into my brain comes out as some creative scheme or another.  But I guess what really get’s me creatively fired up is opportunity- a blank wall or a space that I could fill, or a need that I see can be met with a design solution.  Once I see the opportunity I’ll be up all night thinking of the possible ways to fulfill it.

BT: How do you handle creative block?

Molly: If I can’t make something I like, or I don’t have ideas that excite me when I go to make work, I just try to make the stupidest, ugliest thing I possibly can.  Half the time it accidentally ends up awesome, the other half it rattles some better idea out of my brain.

Upcycled Shirt

Manly Brunch Button-Down by Molly LeLoup Dougherty

BT: If you had a superpower, what would it be, and why?

Molly: Definitely the ability to magically cease the deterioration of clothing as its worn.  It kills me when I find a perfect garment and it’s worn in to maximum comfort then falls apart, so I would put that power to good use.  Plus I could help keep a lot of poor folks lookin’ sharp and a lot of trash out of landfills.

BT: What artists do you admire?

Molly: Egon Schiele has been a favorite of mine since I was little- his signature white outline in particular is something I reference often in my work.  The artist Swoon is a real hero of mine- she’s a street artist who’s made a beautiful transition into fine art and someone who’s work and career path are both an inspiration to me.

Contemporary Handmade Piñata

Vintage TV Piñata with Test Screen by Molly LeLoup Dougherty

BT: What is your dream project?

Molly: I’ve long dreamed of making a fully realized art playground- if I could do the whole park design and craft all these sculptural elements to play on and fill the place with art of all kinds, that would be the total realization of my creative dreams.

BT: What’s the best advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Molly: I had a great professor who told me to make art that when I stand back from it I think “Man, that’s cool.”  If I think that, he said, then there’s something to it.


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