3 Kick-Awesome Embroidery Books

As part of my recent pursuit of delicious inspiration, I’ve stumbled across 3 kick-awesome books on embroidery in the last week. Every time I crack one of these guys open, I’m filled with possibility and way more ideas than I have the time for! I find myself madly scribbling in my sketchbook and can’t wait to experiment! If you’re at all into textile art, or would be interested in dabbling in embroidery as it makes its comeback as a recognized art form, you definitely want to check these books out!

Knot Thread Stitch - Lisa SolomonKnot Thread Stitch: Exploring Creativity Through Embroidery and Mixed Media
by Lisa Solomon

As soon as I saw the title for this book, I knew I needed to look into it, being a fan of both mixed media art and embroidery. I love the idea of marrying the two in unexpected ways and can’t wait to further explore embroidery on paper or unusual fabrics, mixed with paint or colored pencil… Oh the possibilities! Throughout the book, Solomon does a great job of introducing the medium, different threads and transfer methods for the beginner. She features a number of projects and techniques which can both offer detailed instruction, or can be open to interpretation of the individual. Or one can choose to not follow the project at all and simply glean some of the methods used and apply them to her own projects. Beautiful photos and well-organized. Check it out for purchase here.

Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery
by Leanne PrainHoopla - Leanne Prain

I stumbled across this treasure in the library while browsing over the weekend. The title is perfect because it is overflowing with over 400 pages of some of the most unexpected embroidery you’ll come across – both in the embroidery’s medium (tattooed baby dolls anyone?) and the content of the embroidery. You will definitely find yourself pushing the boundaries of embroidery as you know it after flipping through this book. It also has a great few pages on how to wash and care for your embroidery to prepare it for presentation.

Embroidery - BayardEmbroidery: Techniques and Patterns
by Marie-Noelle Bayard

Another library find, this contains some truly gorgeous projects, but even beyond that, it contains a very comprehensive offering of different stitches if you’re looking to expand your technical knowledge of embroidery – a great reference tool. I have a feeling if I don’t purchase my own copy, I’ll be checking this book out of the library pretty often! Thankfully Amazon offers it for purchase here.

After reading through these books, I’m anxious to further explore embroidery as an art form and research a number of the artists interviewed. If you’re a fan of textile art and have a good book or blog to recommend, I’d love to hear about it!


3 responses to “3 Kick-Awesome Embroidery Books

  1. Oh my, looks like I’ll have to check these out! I love learning new things. I don’t usually do embroidery, but I do have embroidery thread and a sewing machine. Thanks so much for the recommendations, Beth!

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