Autumn Beauty: Indian Corn

While Spring has always been my favorite time of year, Autumn is definitely a close second. I love the smell of fallen leaves, watching winterberries turning yellow and red, the texture and warty beauty of gourds and the spectacular variety of indian corn.



Indian Corn

It’s the indian corn that inspired me in this project, capturing all the earthy colors of the season in this modern interpretation. Fascinated by the widely varying patterns of maize, I undertook this mixed media painting wanting to celebrate the unique shape and color of each kernel one might find on a single ear.

A lovely and unique addition to Thanksgiving or autumn home decor, the abstract approach to this mixed media art also allows the piece to be celebrated year round in a home with an earthy palette.

Indian Corn Mixed Media

The final art can be found here at my shop, and 25% is donated to for clean water well drilling in developing countries.


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