Adventures in Glamping

In the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I stumbled across a little article on the growing trend of glamping around the world. Glamping, or glam camping, is essentially luxury camping (which I realize is an oxymoron!) OK, so “glamping” sounds a bit snooty to hard core outdoorsy types, but it’s not the idea of “luxury” that appeals to me as much as vacationing in an entirely different way. I love the outdoors so don’t mind regular camping (although I do like a “normal” bathroom), but when else do you get to stay in, say, a treehouse in Italy? Looks like the perfect retreat to me! 🙂

Treehouse Glamping in Italy

Treehouse in Tuscany, Italy

Here are a few other fun ideas I stumbled across on some of these glamping websites:

Glamping Montana

Two-Bedroom Tent at Paw’s Up Resort in Montana

Teepee Glamping in Canada

Teepee at the Goldenwood Lodge, Canada

Glamping Covered Wagon New Zealand

A Covered Wagon in New Zealand

Glamping in an African Treehouse (Tanzania)

Treehouse in Tanzania



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