Joy in El Salvador

This past week I received a letter from each of the children I sponsor through Compassion International. It’s so special when I receive a letter from either of “my girls” because I can glimpse into their worlds, know how to better pray for them, and be reminded that my life is not all about me. This time Doris, from El Salvador, was writing to thank me for some gifts I’d given her family and what it meant to them. The best part was that the Compassion Center where Doris goes to school sent me photos of Doris and her family with their gifts, printed on copy paper.

To see the delight on Doris’ face (just look how big her smile is!), and the faces of her family was absolutely priceless. And it got me thinking about Joy.

Compassion International

Compassion International

One definition of Joy I came across read:

the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying

I just love that! But in addition to such a description, I’d add a few other ideas…

Joy is meant to be shared
…because joy is contagious. Joy begets joy. Joy is full of thanksgiving. Joy is a powerful emotion that we can possess even in the face of difficult circumstances. Joy turns our faces upward to a God who takes joy in us and wants to share His joy with us. As He shares joy, so we should share joy. I think this is why I so desire to bring joy to others as noted in my personal maxim. I have great delight in something exceptionally good: Jesus Christ. Joy flows out of this and inspires the art I create. And the act of creating becomes a source of joy too, as does the final piece of art, so of course I want to share the art with others. But the art serves a greater purpose too through something as simple as clean water, bringing joy to people who will never see the art itself. And this too increases my joy.

This very week Liquid Water has a team in El Salvador drilling another well. Art purchases from Bettina’s Treehouse have helped fund the well, and in the days ahead I hope to share photos of the JOY that the villagers will have at receiving clean drinking water. Stay tuned! 🙂

Joy is great delight at something exceptionally good. How can you share it today?


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