Shifting Seasons

Although it’s only August, I feel like I can already sense the shifting seasons in the air. The nights are a little cooler, my coneflowers and herbs are beginning to reach the end of their growing season, and the humid NJ heat breaks for a few days just long enough to tease me before it hits 95 again.

Decaying Rudbeckia and Echinacea

Sometimes life feels like this – like seasons are beginning to shift. Life seasons that may have been in place for years instead of months. You can’t quite see what’s coming, but things just start to feel… different. Circumstances, opportunities and relationships change, doors that were once open are closed, and closed doors open.

I enjoy the change of seasons – right now I’m just itching for cooler temps and all the joys that Autumn in the Northeast brings with it – pumpkin picking, hiking in the Appalachians with the changing leaves, corn mazes, fresh apple cider, breaking out my cowboy boots… 🙂

…But when life seasons change, the shift can be a little more difficult to adjust to – mostly because I don’t really know what’s coming. I just know that things are different than they used to be. It’s likely there will be grieving as I leave one Season behind, walking into the next – grieving for the loss of what’s comfortable and familiar. But I know that there will also be new adventures and joys to be discovered. I know that whatever is taken away will be filled up with something else – not necessarily something better or worse… just something new and different. If you’re anything like me, these seasons take some adjusting to before you can embrace them fully. But eventually you do learn to embrace them.

Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia)

What’s coming, I can’t really say… I suppose I’ll have to wait till it arrives. Until then, I’ll hold on loosely to what I’ve been given, thankful for the season of my current life, as I anticipate what is to come.

Are the seasons of your life shifting right now? What do you find yourself looking toward on the horizon?


One response to “Shifting Seasons

  1. Beautifully expressed………..almost melancholy……………feeling like one foot is in summer and another in autumn……….caught between lingering and anticipation…………..

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