Be a Spy of Beauty

This past weekend I got to go on a fantastic adventure to one of my favorite places: Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. If I lived closer, I swear I’d be here all the time – it is so rich with beauty, I could see myself sitting for hours, just decompressing after a long day, soaking in the exquisite details of life bursting forth at every turn.


Capturing some leaf rubbings with my pack of Crayola Crayons!

It was a day full of bullfrog songs, dragonfly wings and waterfalls, while night ushered in the infectious beats of Red Baraat and a stunning display of thousands of lights across the garden’s grounds.


A dying dragonfly found on the road.


He is laid to rest on a small lily pad.

Light Display at Longwood Gardens

Fiber optic lights line the banks of a small pond at Longwood Gardens.

Light Display at Longwood Gardens

Towers of light fill a meadow as the sun sets.

When I visit these gardens, I can’t rush through them, there is far too much to soak in. I stumbled across a wonderful article today from Darling Magazine that captures this idea perfectly – the author writes:

…it is important that we take the time to focus on the loveliness of life. My best friend put it best when I sent her my first Instagram. She said “That is the simplest picture of a window, but somehow you saw beauty in it. You are a spy of beauty. You find it in the least expected places.”

Are you a spy of beauty?

She goes on to write that negative thinking can steal from us the ability to see beauty all around us – oh how I agree! Today was a down day for me – I happen to be missing my family a lot and it colored the way I saw my life and where it was going (the result was not pretty). But then when I read Darling Magazine‘s article, I remembered my visit to Longwood Gardens and how I’ve been called to pause and observe and express the beauty of this world as I wrote in this post. This remembering served to lift up my head as I reflected on the beauty I saw in the little things.

Life gets hard sometimes, but you don’t have to be sucked into a pit of negativity. I echo the author’s challenge to you: where can you find beauty today and share it with the world? It is sure to lift up your head too as you view the world through a different lens.

(All photos courtesy of my awesome friend, Suzy Rahn.)

3 responses to “Be a Spy of Beauty

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome recap of Saturday! I’m still thinking of that lovely day and all the arting, photographing, and dancing we did 🙂

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