Fruit + Paint + Embroidery

Artichoke FlowerIn my last post, I shared how I love to discover beauty among the common. Nature is one of the greatest influences of my work. It is a place where I am constantly discovering fresh beauty in things I’ve seen day after day after day. This is how my latest collection of work came about.

I happen to think fruits and vegetables are marvelously beautiful, and it’s not just because I enjoy eating them. 😉 There is something amazing about planting a seed and nourishing it as it grows and matures till its harvest, when it nourishes you in return. I have been known to admire the colors in the cross section of an onion when it’s starting to sprout, or wonder over an artichoke when I came to the understanding that I was eating a flower which had not yet bloomed.

How awesome are these things that we take for granted!

Lemon Lime Grapefruit Orange Embroidery Hoops

The fascination with the beauty of food is what drew me to my latest art series. After several experiments of painting on burlap, I thought the texture would lend itself handsomely to a unique hoop embroidery project where I could pair mixed media painting with textiles. The end result is a bright and colorful selection of citrus fruit as well as a lovely heirloom tomato. All are made to order and for sale in my shop.

So as I close today’s post, I have to ask, where are you discovering beauty in the common? I’d love to hear!


5 responses to “Fruit + Paint + Embroidery

  1. Even though it is not yet Fall, I’m thinking of the beauty of maple leaves. I love their shape and all the colors they turn to in Autumn. I’m definitely cooking up a few craft ideas with this theme in mind 😉

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