Beauty Observed

I love when I pass by something very common and suddenly become aware of how very beautiful it is.

Dill Weed Beauty

This evening I was going to clip some dill weed from my herb garden when I was struck by how lovely its lines were. Feathered leaves, full of a tangy and buttery fragrance, reach out like long, delicate fingers. Fireworks of petite, yellow flowers burst from Dill’s sturdy stalk while younger buds curl tightly together like a cluster of french knots. What inspiration! How can I not recreate you in thread and paint?

The beauty of the Dill Weed illustrates a deeper lesson here, if we will look for it. So often the things, or people, or places, we see everyday we come to take for granted. They become “common” to us and we fail to notice what makes them extraordinary, or beautiful. Give pause for a moment. Observe and appreciate the graces given, or the beauty wherever you find yourself. It is there, though you may have to look hard to see it, for “God has made everything beautiful in its time.” The question is, will we notice?

To me, this is exactly what it means to be an artist. When I create art, my personal maxim is:

Create Something Beautiful
Bring Joy to Others
Make a Difference in this World

When I talk about creating something beautiful, as an artist I am giving myself permission to pause and observe, soaking in the wondrous beauty of so many a common thing, and having the great privilege to point to this hidden beauty, expressing it so people can see past what is common to what is truly extraordinary.

As an artist, it is my job to point to the wonder in the world. And I just love that!

Can’t wait to reveal Dill’s beauty – to be continued…

Dill Weed Bud


Dill Weed Stalk


6 responses to “Beauty Observed

  1. And to think I just clipped my dill weed and threw it on the lawn below. Wow! after reading your description, I feel totally ashamed of my callousness toward dill weed.

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