Where Dreaming Happens

children's wall art mixed media collage

Where Dreaming Happens

This whimsical mixed media collage is a place where dreaming happens. Originally I had completely different plans for this benevolent moon and her starry friends, but I got creative block for a few months and couldn’t bring myself to finish. Then in a recent Artist Party with my friend, Michelle, we got to chatting about the piece and it gave me the push I needed to finish it. The more I examine the end result, the happier I am with how it turned out!

whimsical moon and stars

After I started working on this mixed media collage again, I decided to keep the beauty of imperfection in mind. I love the personality of the moon, the rough-sketched outlines over the cotton-ball clouds and the awkward asymmetry of the stars with their cliched rainbow trails – all of it speaks of the beautiful and open-minded imagination of a child, where everything is a delightful, new discovery to be explored.mixed media collage stars

I think this would be a perfect piece for a nursery or other children’s wall art. As kids lay down to sleep, this mixed media collage is a reminder to dream… to play… to explore… and take great delight in all of it. (Now if only we could remember this as adults!)

Click here to take a look at this piece in my shop.

25% of this and every sale goes to the drilling of clean water wells in developing countries, so together we can fulfill the dreams of children in poverty too.


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