Trying Something New: the Radish

Radish Kitchen Wall Art

Radish Mixed Media Collage

This collage was sort of an accidental success (love when that happens.) I was roughly sketching and the radish just took shape. It actually looks really nice paired with the carrot – a kitchen wall art series!

Check out the radish mixed media and other fruit and vegetable collages at my Etsy shop!

Vegetable Kitchen Wall Art

Along with this radish collage came the first time I tried eating radishes in about 25 years. As a child I always found them to be a bit hot for my taste. However when they’re picked small, they are almost sweet. My parents had great success with radishes this year in their garden, so I decided I’d be brave and try one again. I just sliced it up on a garden salad – so no exciting recipe this time around, but check out the others here!



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