A Letter from El Salvador

Some days we need a pick-me-up. A little reminder on why we do the things we do. Today I got a really awesome one in the mail.

See, one of the things I decided to do after visiting El Salvador is to sponsor a child through Compassion International. By sponsoring a child in a developing country, I am providing opportunity to an underprivileged boy or girl. Opportunity for clean water. Regular, healthy meals. Medical care. Education. A safe place to play with their peers. Opportunity to hear that poverty has not made them invisible – they are loved and have value in the eyes of God.

So I decided to start sponsoring, and pouring into, a couple of girls – one in India, and another in El Salvador.

I’m really blessed to receive letters from both of them regularly so I can learn about their lives. And today I got one from my little El Salvadoran girl, Doris.

Child's Drawing

It was just what I needed.

Her Spanish was translated: “I greet you with so much pleasure because I like to write you letters and write pretty things for you… I appreciate you so much, and with all my heart, I hope God blesses you so much… I love you very much Elizabeth. You have blessed my life…”

Included with her letter was the above drawing of her and I holding hands in front of the Compassion International center in her village.

I think this was doubly special to me because it was so unexpected. I expect to give to these children and love on them, but I did not expect to be loved on back. It was so humbling, and such a precious reminder to keep “running the race”, no matter what bumps and obstacles are on the road ahead.


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