Fresh Lemon (art and cupcakes!)

Lemon Kitchen Wall Art

I’m an avid gardener so I just love springtime in the Northeast. I love the smell of moist dirt, watching my flowers burst into bloom and tasting the bounty of the season. My goal through the spring and summer is to make a series of fruit and vegetable mixed media art, and as I post them here, I’ll include a favorite recipe to go along with it!

I just love the smell and taste of fresh lemon! So here’s the first in the series (perfect kitchen wall art!)

This Lemon mixed media collage is available in my shop, and as always, a portion of the proceeds go toward the drilling of clean water wells in developing countries.

And now for the recipe!

Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes – Recipe from My Baking Addiction

I made these lemon cupcakes for my sister’s birthday this weekend. They are sinfully delicious! (I ate 5 of the 24.) Thanks to My Baking Addiction for the recipe!



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