The Sockeye’s Glory

Salmon Fish Mixed Media Art

The Sockeye’s Glory – Mixed Media Collage

I find nature to be incredibly fascinating. Take the Sockeye Salmon, for example. These amazing fish swim hundreds if not thousands of miles upstream to spawn in the fresh waters where they were hatched. I’m sure many of us have seen photos or videos of them leaping up river while avoiding the jaws of a waiting grizzly bear.

Each creature is made with unique strengths and weaknesses. And each is beautiful in its own way. This is a creature’s “glory.” I have to marvel at the way these fish leap back to their spawning grounds to perpetuate the cycle of life. To me, this is the glory of the Sockeye.

This large-scale mixed media collage captures this wondrous moment… under shadows of thick evergreens in the Pacific Northwest the salmon dance upstream to spawn. (The burlap was perfect for their scales!)

This mixed media art is for sale at my shop, and a portion of all sales go toward clean water well drilling with


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