Milkweed Kisses

Milkweed Fox Collage

Milkweed Kisses

I went for a wonderful hike the other day. It hasn’t snowed very much in New Jersey this winter so though it was cold, nothing is really covered out on the trails. While out I found a beautiful and untouched pod of milkweed seeds – delicate and silky soft. I tucked them gently in my coat pocket and they soon became the inspiration for this fun mixed media collage.

Milkweed Seeds

The autumn sky has the most wonderful texture in this collage, and the milkweed seeds turned out to be the perfect touch. I wanted to capture the fox’s curiosity as it sniffs at the seeds, drifting on the wind. The horizontal collage is available for sale at my Etsy shop here. And smaller 8×10 prints can be found here.

Milkweed Fox 8x10 Print

Milkweed Kisses – 8×10 print


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